Clean cache and Temporary folders in Bizagi

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When developing a project in Bizagi, sometimes changes made (i.e. new attributes, new expressions) are not automatically reflected in the Work Portal, and when opening the portal it displays some errors indicating that an object does not exist.
This problem is generally presented when the account used by the tool does not have enough permissions or there are issues when Bizagi tries to delete temporary files.

Applies to

Bizagi Studio .NET 10.x

What you need to do?

1. Stop Bizagi Web services (you may use IISRESET /Stop in a command prompt with administrator privileges) and the Service Scheduler (refer to in order to learn how to stop a Windows Service).

2. Delete the content of the following folders:

  • C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\Temporary ASP.NET Files
  • C:\Bizagi\Enterprise\Projects\[ProjectName]\EntityManager
  • C:\Bizagi\Enterprise\Projects\[ProjectName]\ComponentLibrary
  • C:\Bizagi\Enterprise\Projects\[ProjectName]\SOA\
  • C:\Bizagi\Enterprise\Projects\[ProjectName]\Temporary\

3. Restart the services stopped in step 1.
For restarting Bizagi Web services, you may use IISRESET /Start in a command prompt with administrator privileges.
For restarting the Service Scheduler (refer to in order to learn how to start a Windows Service).

4. Open the following URL of your project: http://yourServer/yourProject/webservices/cache.asmx
It will display a set of web methods:

Click (execute) the methods: CleanRenderCache, CleanUpCache (use “*” as value for both parameters)


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