Configure keys to share activities to roles

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There are business scenarios where users need to share a task to others for them to fulfill the information. This section provides a guideline on how to add keys to the project's Web.config file to enable the Share activity button on the Work Portal.
For further information about how to share an activity without reassigning it, use the following link. 

Applies to

Bizagi 11.2.3 Onwards


1. You must define the role which you want to share the activity to in the Role to share key.

2. If you want the end user to share the activity using the default button on the right panel of the Work Portal you must add the three keys: EnableShareActivity, Role to share, ShowIconShareActivity. 

3. If you want the end user to share the activity using the customized form button, you must add two keys: EnableShareActivity, Role to share. The  ShowIconShareActivity key is optional. 

What you need to do

1. Open the Web.config file of your project located on the path:  C:\Bizagi\Projects\ProjectName\WebApplication

2. On the key sections of the file, include the keys that you need within:

 <add key="EnableShareActivity" value="true" />
    <add key="RoleToShare" value="Role" />
    <add key="ShowIconShareActivity" value="true" />

Include the Role name that you want to share the activity to on the RoleToShare key. For instance, suppose that the role name is Accountant, then the key must be:     <add key="RoleToShare" value="Accountant" />

3. Save the file.

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