Date format incompatibility error

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Bizagi displays a validation message informing that there is a date using an invalid format.

Applies to

Bizagi 10.3 using Forms v9 


The user cannot complete the activity due to an invalid format validation message. 


Date Controls uses a date format on the client’s side and then, it is validated by the server. The message is shown by the server due to incompatibilities between server's date format and the client’s date format.

When using Forms v9, user may use the format DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM AM/PM. Nevertheless, when trying to complete the activity, the server does not recognize such format because the format used is DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM 24h (Same pattern but using 24h format).


There are two solutions for this issue:

  • Since this is an error on Forms v9, we recommend migrating the form to Forms v10 where this incompatibility problem is fixed.
  • If migrating to Forms v10 is not possible, you can change your server’s and client’s regional configuration so they both match. Aternatively, request the pupdate1.js file to our support team and add it to your project to the folder C:\Bizagi\Enterprise\Projects\[ProjectName]\WebApplication\js. This file will modify the format sent by the user in order to match with the server's format.
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