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By default from version 11.2.4.xxx, Bizagi sets the cookie’s property SameSite as STRICT. Therefore, you cannot use the Bizagi Authentication cookie in different cross-site domains. 
When you need to use the Bizagi authentication cookies in different cross-site domains you need to disable the sameSite strict property. For example, when you want to use Bizagi Forms Authentication to authenticate users using SharePoint Web Parts, and the SharePoint server is located in a different domain,

Applies to

Bizagi 11.2.4.xxxx and above

What you need to do?

If you need to use the Bizagi Authentication cookie in web applications of different domains, you need to set the SameSite property to none. Open the web.config configuration file, usually located in  the following folder: C:\Bizagi\Projects\MyProject\WebApplication
Add the following key

<add key="disableSameSiteStrictForAuthenticationCookies" value="true" />

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