Enable advanced mapping in SAP connector

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When you're using Bizagi out-of-the-box SAP connector, you cannot use advanced mapping (based on XLST) for both input and output data in the Mapping Wizard.
Version 11.2.4 allows enabling advanced mapping in the Wizard, so you can take advantage of XLST files for data transformation.

Applies to

Bizagi 11.2.4 onward

What you need to do?

The following steps guide you to set the key that enables the advanced mapping feature to the SAP connector.

1. Make sure Bizagi Studio is closed where the setting is going to be applied.

2. Open the folder of Bizagi Studios appsettings, usually located in the folder C:

3. Add the following key to the list of keys in the file
<add key = "ShowSAPAdvancedMapping" value = "true">

After the inclusion, you can start Bizagi Studio.

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