Error 401 trying to access to the Bizagi SOA Layer

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The HTTP error 401 is thrown when the URL or the service requested asks for authentication that cannot be validated. It usually comes with an “Authorization Required” message, stating a communication problem between the client, the browser and the server.

Applies to

Bizagi 10.x and 11.x


The server returns a 401-error type when trying to access to the URL where the WorkflowEngineSOA methods of the project are published. i.e. Trying to access to the Bizagi SOA Layer.


This error may appear when the resource of legacy web services is being requested but not enabled. 

Another possible cause is to have a misconfiguration in the WS-Security.


Go to Bizagi Studio, click on the Configuration Tab and then on the Environment settings.

Make sure that Popular settings are selected and choose the proper environment according to your current problem. Then, go directly to the WS-Security options. 

Click on the Enable legacy web services (asmx) checkbox and click OK to save changes. 

If the problem is related to WS-Security, please verify if the entire configuration for credentials is correct.  

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