Failed to upgrade Modeler because the previous version needs to be removed but is not visible on Programs and Features in Control Panel

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With every software tool, when we need to upgrade the version appears a common error that prevents the installation or update of the program because the previous version of the same program is not completely erased. 

Applies to

Bizagi Modeler 10.x and 11.x


When trying to install Bizagi, and selecting to install SQL Express, the installer displays an error message that prevents the installer from completing: You need to remove the previous version of the program.



Usually this happens because some register keys remained attached although the program has been uninstalled correctly.


Download the troubleshooter from here

Execute the download as an administrator and click on next.

You can choose whether installing or uninstalling the program. We strongly recommend uninstalling to erase all the registry keys that are preventing the clean setup of the new version of the same program.

You can choose any of the Bizagi programs, in this case, Modeler which is the one with the register key issue.

Once the uninstall is finished, you can launch the Modeler setup.exe again to fix the problem. 


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