Modify the localhost reference in Bizagi web services published in JBoss

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By default, the JBoss generator deploys the Web services from Bizagi SOA layer.

When doing this, it will use a ${jboss.bind.address:} for the <wsdl-host> tag.

This is done accordingly to the initial configuration when the context is uploaded, though it will not necessarilly represent the configuration you want to achieve for your final server (because it references "localhost").

The following is part an example of the generated WSDL for one of the web services from the Bizagi SOA Layer.

<wsdl:service name="WorkflowEngineSOAImplService">
<wsdl:port binding="tns:WorkflowEngineSOAImplServiceSoapBinding" name="WorkflowEngineSOAImplPort">
<soap:address location="http://localhost:8080/BizAgi-war/WebServices/WorkflowEngineSOA"/>

Note that the address location is pointing to localhost, and this won't be ideal for other machines to locate and invoke these services. In order to adjust the configuration and template so that the localhost is not taken but your specific server's name (or IP) instead, follow the steps described below. 

Applies to

Bizagi Studio 10.x JEE

What you need to do?

In order to change localhost for the server's name (or IP), modify the standalone-bizagi.orig template.

This template is located at${BIZAGI_HOME}\jboss-eap-6.2\standalone\configuration.

Locate the<wsdl-host> and modify the value as follows:

  • Original Value: <wsdl-host>${jboss.bind.address:}</wsdl-host>
  • Final Value: <wsdl-host>${jboss.bind.address:BIZAGI_SERVER}</wsdl-host>

Where you will need to consider the corresponding value for SERVER_BIZAGI (IP or name).



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