Retrieve all cases from Bizagi using Query Forms

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Bizagi allows the definition and customization of special forms to consult information of ongoing and closed cases, as well as information stored in specific entities. With the search results of these queries you can create useful analysis reports. These special Forms are known as Query Forms.
Some users have indicated that Bizagi does not display all the cases even when they meet with the search criteria. Normally, this happens because the query is not properly designed.
Typically the user who built the query did not enable the option Search for all users and therefore, the query only retrieves the cases where the end user has been working.

Applies to

Bizagi Studio 10.x

What you need to do?

Follow the steps below to enable the search for all users:

1. Edit your Query Form using Bizagi Studio.

2. In Properties panel, enable the option Search for all users.

3. Save the Query Form and test.


This change cannot be performed using Bizagi Management Console; therefore, if you require to perform this change in production environment, you need to first perform the change in development environment and then, deploy the new version to your production environment.

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