How to install Bizagi Connector service

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From version 11.2.1, Bizagi relies on the use of a new Windows service to run and log the Bizagi connectors. When you upgrade a project to version 11.2.1 or above you need to install this service, otherwise invocation of connectors does not work. This guide gives you a set of steps to install the Bizagi Connector Service.

Applies to

Projects migrated from Bizagi Studio 11.2.0 or before, to version 11.2.1.

What you need to do?

As this service is used from version 11.2.1, you must have installed Bizagi version 11.2.1 or later.

1. Go to folder C:\Program Files\Bizagi\Bizagi Studio\ConnectorsService\

2. Bizagi Connector Service uses by default the port 16541, if you want to change this port, edit the file located in the framework folder. Update the port property with the one of your choice. If you want to keep using this port, skip this step.

3. Run the install.bat file with administrator privileges.

4. When the procedure finishes, you see the following:

5. To test whether the service was successfully installed, open your browser and enter localhost:[port], if the service was installed correctly you see the following message

The number displayed may be anyone.

6. Go to the project’s folder (i.e, C:\Bizagi\Projects\[Project_Name]\) where you want to change the usage of Edge.js. There, open the Connectors folder.

7. Open the WebApplication folder and edit the Web.config file with the text editor you choose and add the following keys in the appSettings section:
<add key="ConnectWebAppConnector" value="true" />
<add key="UrlWebAppConnector" value="[ServerURL]:[ConnectorServerPort]/connector/" /> 
<add key="ControllerVersionWebAppConnector" value="2.0" />

8. Back in the project folder, open the Scheduler project and edit the BizAgi.Scheduler.Services.exe.config file with the text editor you choose and add the keys mentioned before in the appSettings section.

The service also change the location of the traces generated, refer to Connector traces for more information.


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