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Sometimes you need to do changes in your numeric or currency formats, like changing their positions or changing their symbols. There are some changes that Bizagi Studio cannot set up, so you can use an override over resources to modify the formats.

Applies to

Bizagi 11.x

What you need to do?

You can override some formats by language with the next procedure to apply the new formats:

1. Identify the language to apply the format changes. You can found it in the variable bizagiConfig.defaultLanguage in Google Chrome's developer tools console.

2. To define the format you need to use the language in lowercase, e.g. if you have "es-CO" you need to use "es-co".

3. In file bizagi.custom.resources.json.txt, located in path [PROJECT_NAME]/WebApplication/jquery/overrides/resources/ you must to add properties "positiveFormat" and "negativeFormat" inside object "numericFormat", that belong to your language loaded. The number format has the tokens "%s" and "%n" that represents the symbol and number, respectively.


For instance, if you want to change the negative format from brackets to use minus symbol you must use "-%s%n".

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