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When there is an excessive memory consumption by any of the Bizagi Applications, e.g. Studio, Scheduler, Management Console, BPM, is possible to obtain a snapshot/dump of the objects held in memory. This is done through the Task Manager and its purpose is to:

1. Examine what is being stored

2. Know why the Garbage Collector (GC) is not recycling them

There are two major issues to consider:

  • The resultant dump is too big and not coherent with the data held in that moment.
  • Often, the snapshot/dump ​is corrupted, so it cannot be opened, due to the compression process or differences regarding the system architecture.

Applies to

Bizagi Studio all versions.

What is ProcDump? 

Is a CLI tool that allow the obtention of DUMPS or Memory snapshots without depending on the system architecture, i.e. x86 and x64. For further information please refer to:

The setup procedure is the following:

a. Download the from the URL above.

b. Unzip the file and paste it in a path of your choice in your machine.

c. The procdump.exe and procdump64.exe files correspond to x86 and x64 architectures respectively.

d. They must be executed through command prompt (with the “Run as administrator” option) and the terms of use must be accepted the first time.

Example of use

If you need a memory dump of the IIS where Bizagi is installed because the consumption is excessive, you may perform the following steps:

1. The PID code of the process is necessary, you can see it at the Task Manager by enabling the PID option when right-clicking on any of the columns already in the Processes Tab.

2. Open a command prompt with administrator privileges and locate the path where the procdump file is unzipped.

3. Execute the following command line:

procdump64.exe -ma 6988

Where 6988 is the PID code of the process which Snapshot will be extracted.

4. If the process is successful, a file is created in the same folder where the procdump file is located.

With this file you can analyze the objects held in memory.

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