OutOfMemoryError (with connectors)

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When using a connector in a JEE platform, the Work portal shows an OutOfMemoryError: java heap space exception.

This error may be shown in user interfaces, logs or wherever you have it configured to fetch a response in runtime from that connector's invocation.

Applies to

Bizagi JEE versions using Bizagi Connectors (11.x and above).


Specifically, using a connector in runtime will fail.

It may not happen with all available connectors, but simply with those which are not light-weight (in connector's file size).


The first time that a connector will be used by Bizagi, it will uncompress a .bizc from its original content loaded in the database, into a physical path.

During such procedure, connectors which are not light-weight (those having large file size such as the Salesforce connector) will consume a large quantity of RAM while being uncompressed in memory.

For this reason, it is important that your JEE application server is set to use 2048 MB at least, or more, according to your server's specifications and the size of the connector.


For a JEE development environment using the JEE plugin, the default settings as employed by JBoss are not enough for this case.

Therefore, carry out the following:

1. Edit the console-configuration.properties located at [BIZAGI_PLUGIN_HOME]\BizagiConsoleManagerJEE\config\.

2. Alter the jboss_xms and jboss_max_perm_size values so that these use at least 1024 MB and 2048 MB respectively.

You may tune these values for a larger capacity if your server supports such RAM specifications.

IMPORTANT: Consider that the jboss_xms should consider an amount of memory of at least half the amount used by jboss_max_perm_size.

On the other hand and for other JEE application servers and in a production environment, ensure you similarly set the JVM parameters to follow this same principle and use 1024 and 2048 MB of RAM when configuring the JEE application server to work with Bizagi.


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