Reduce the number of dashes displayed in a dropdown list

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When designing forms, different controls such as List, SearchList, Combo among others, can be used. When running the project at the Work Portal, a user sees dashes before the other items of the dropdown list. An adjust was recently included to allow the user to define what is to be shown on the combos for the “empty” value.  

Applies to

Bizagi 11.x


1. Locate the path C:\Bizagi\Projects\[ProjectName]\WebApplication\jquery\overrides\js\desktop

2. Open the bizagi.workportal.desktop.overrides.js file with the editor of your choice (i.e. Notepad)

3. Add the following key to the file: Bizagi.override.emptyLabelForCombo = “----”

(The value is the number of dashes or any other character that the customer wants to be shown as the label for the “empty” value)

4. Clean the browser cache and then refresh (F5)

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