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In the production environments, you may need to update some information related to the database server of your Bizagi project. For instance, you may need to change your current database server due to server consolidation or a change in your physical infrastructure (i.e., replacement of your database server machine, changes in your network infrastructure, among others). Likewise, when you change the password of the admin user (or the user itself), you need to update the database user information used by Bizagi.

WARNING: whenever you need to perform a change due to the situations mentioned above, recall that this procedure may affect the availability of your ongoing Bizagi Application; therefore, we strongly recommend to perform the necessary tests in development environments in order to keep the service available.

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What you need to do?

Follow the next steps in order to update your Bizagi project’s database information:

1. Perform the change in the database server according to your needs.

2. Stop Bizagi web application and the Scheduler service.

3. Open your project using Bizagi Management Console. When trying to open the project, you will be prompted informing that the user does not have permission to access the database. Click Yes in order to reconfigure the database information  

4. Enter the new database information in your Bizagi project.

5. Restart the services stopped in step 2.

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