Verify Azure's Latency

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This article shows the steps to review Azure’s latency. Keep in mind the latency depends on the region where the customer has the services

Applies to

Bizagi cloud services

What you need to do?

1.   Load the website, and select Europe’s  data centers and at least two of America’s data centers. This is to have references to compare to.

2.  Another option is to select the Azure region where the customer has the services.

3.   The Website shows the azure latency on real time.


4.   It is possible to do an upload test to the selected data center
Select Upload Speed Test
Select the data centers
Click Start Upload Speed Test

5.   The website checks each selected data center and the results are displayed.

 6.   It is recommended to use PSTools
You can download the tool from the website
Install the tool
Execute the following command:
Command:         psping.exe [environment name]
Example:            psping.exe

You can get the result of the latency by TCP protocol to the port 443.


  • These steps have to be executed on the machines where the customer is experiencing slowness.
  • The latency shouldn´t be more than 150 ms
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