BaseException Unable to process control: [ControlID]. Control type: [Type]. Unable to process property: XPATH. Attribute [Attr] not found in the Scope chain.


After the creation of a Form link in an activity, end users see an error when the task is opened in the Work portal.

Applies to

Bizagi 10.x.


When the end user opens an activity that uses a Form link control, an error like the one presented below is displayed:


The Form link control does not have an associated Data source in its Properties. Thus, the related Form is not available through XPath navigation, and Bizagi is not able to present the information within it.

This property is not required, but we strongly recommend you set a Data source to avoid errors in the Work Portal.


1. Open Bizagi Studio and locate the Form where the Form link is set.

2. Locate the Form Link control in Forms Designer and click on it.

3. In Basic tab, set XPath of the form field in Data source property.

4. Save the form and test the results.