Error get users - Message error: Unknown error (0x80005000)


In Bizagi, it is possible to import user's accounts from an LDAP Server such as Windows Active Directory. This can be performed from Bizagi Studio in Development environments or from Bizagi Management Console in Testing and Production environments. For more information about this feature refer to

When configuring the user’s import from the LDAP server, the error message: Error get users - Message error: Unknown error (0x80005000) is presented, due to a misconfiguratio of the LDAP connection

Applies to

Bizagi 10.x .NET


When trying to perform the synchronization with the LDAP server, the following error is displayed:

Error get users - Message error: Unknown error (0x80005000)


This issue is presented when the value of the LDAP URL field indicates the protocol in lower case as it is displayed in the image below:


Always use the protocol with upper case. For example: