Widgets/Connectors are not able to download from Xchange


Bizagi provides built-in functionalities in order to help your process to connect to external applications or extend the controls added to your forms.

This functionalities or controls can be downloaded from the Widget Xchange page (http://www.bizagi.com/en/community/widget-xchange) or from the Connector Xchange page (http://www.bizagi.com/en/community/connectors-xchange).

Using Internet Explorer, these files cannot be downloaded due to Window’s default Security configurations.

Applies to

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 or previous


When you are trying to download either a Widget or a Connector file, the page does not show them:


This problem is presented because Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration is on and the security level is configured to High which disables the files downloading.


Turn off the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration and decrease the security level to Medium.
Follow the next steps in order to perform this configuration:

1.  Go to Server Manager

2. Click on your Sever (root of the tree displayed on the left panel) and then, click Configure IE ESC located within the Security Information section

3. Turn off the feature for both Administrators and User

4. Open Internet Explorer and go to Internet Options. Decrease the security level to Medium and apply the changes

5. Restart Internet Explorer.