Invoking a web service: Object reference not set to an instance of an object


When consuming a web service through SOAP protocol, an XML file which contains a structure with methods and parameters is always required by the web service, this file is known as WSDL. When the parameters or methods defined in the XML are named using reserved characters for Bizagi (e.g. the dot “.”), the file mapping process will return an error and the web service will not be reached.

Applies to

Bizagi 10.x 


Bizagi throws an error when mapping the parameters indicating that there are problems related to object references


It is possible that the WSDL uses reserved characters in the assignation of names. (e.g. The dot character is reserved by Bizagi in order to separate names in the XPaths). See next example:

Wrong assignation: <xs:element name="StatusUpdate_v1.0">
Correct assignation: <xs:element name="StatusUpdate_v1_0">

In this particular example, Bizagi tries to divide the name of the method because of the dot after number 1.


The methods and parameters definitions should be fixed in the web service by replacing the invalid/reserved characters.