The system cannot find the file specified


When performing changes over an integration between Bizagi and an external system, it is possible to get an error message from Bizagi stating that "The system cannot find the file specified". Due to this, the changes will not take effect and the asynchronous task will not be executed.

Applies to

Bizagi 10.x .NET


The Event Log or the Asynchronous Task Manager displays the following error:


The asynchronous tasks fail during execution because the proxies were not correctly generated. Thus, the cases that use those asynchronous tasks cannot be completed.


By deleting temporary files, the issue should be solved. In order to delete these files, please follow the next procedure:

1. Find and open the folder in which the temporary files are stored for the Bizagi project.

The folder can be found in the following path:

2. Delete all subfolders and files found in the Temporary directory.

3. Bizagi will automatically create a new configuration of all files in the Temporary folder. The new files are updated with the proxies required to consume external services.

For more information about cleaning cache and deletion of temporary files, please visit: