SQL Server failover error: Connection Closed


During a Bizagi deployment in a SQL Server cluster, the deployment could fail when the cluster switches from one node to another. This issue can be bypassed by modifying the configuration in JBoss files.

Applies to

Bizagi 10.x JEE using JBoss


When a SQL server failover is executed, Bizagi returns an error with the message: Connection Closed


The datasource settings in the JBoss standalone configuration file are not correct or are missing.


1. Edit the file standalone.xml for Clustered JBoss configuration or domain.xml Standard JBoss configuration, both of them located in C:\BizagiJEE\[BizagiVersion]\jboss-eap-6.2\standalone\configuration

2. Search the datasource segment and edit or add the validation parameters with the following script.

<valid-connection-checker class-name="org.jboss.jca.adapters.jdbc.extensions.mssql.MSSQLValidConnectionChecker"/>
<check-valid-connection-sql>select 1</check-valid-connection-sql>