Scheduler service does not create files in the assigned folder when the renaming the project folder


When Bizagi project folder is renamed, the scheduler service keeps trying to create files and traces into the route previously defined.

Applies to

Bizagi 10.x .NET


When the project’s name is changed, Bizagi shows that the traces are created using the previous folder name (e.g. Bizagi_dev is the original name and Bizagi_dev_0 is the new one).


The information of the Scheduler service in the configuration files BizAgi.Scheduler.Services.exe.config and BizAgiProjects.xml are pointing to an old route. 


Follow the procedure explained below and recall to take a Backup of the files involved in the process.

1. Uninstall the current Scheduler service running the file uninstall.bat (for 32-bit version) or uninstall_x64.bat (for 64-bit version) located in C:\Bizagi\Projects\ProjectName\Scheduler.

2. Open the file BizAgi.Scheduler.Services.exe.config located in C:\Bizagi\Projects\ProjectName\Scheduler.

3. Go to the <appsettings> segment and edit the project value key with the new path name. 

Save changes.

4. Open the file BizAgiProjects.xml located in C:\ProgramData\Bizagi and search for the recently renamed project.

5. Validate that the project paths are pointing to the current route. If the paths are not correct, edit them and save the changes.

6. Reinstall the Scheduler service running the file install.bat (for 32-bit version) or install_x64.bat (for 64-bit version) located in C:\Bizagi\Projects\ProjectName\Scheduler..