Bizagi JEE version could not be published


When publishing in a JEE development environment, Bizagi Studio shows an error specifying that the version could not be generated.

This same error shows up if attempting a manual publish, either through the publish command or the predeploy command.

Applies to

Bizagi JEE. All Versions.


Specifically, the generating entities step fails, meaning that the underlying problem of the publish is that the data model has blocking issues.


Whenever, the data model has issues and Bizagi cannot compile the generation of entities, it is due to misconfiguration. Misconfiguration in entities is usually caused when using data virtualization or data replication (missing mappings to external data sources).


Double-check and thoroughly review that all attributes of virtual/replicated entities are correctly mapped to an external data source. Do this especially, for attributes which are relationships in Bizagi (e.g. related entities, collections).

Do this in the Studio and at the Expert view external systems module: