Enable WorkingPath key to change project's folder structure


In the production environments, you may need to update the default location of the Work portal and Scheduler components of Bizagi project's folder structure.
To do this, two keys have been enabled to let you change the default path for one of your choice where you have read and write permissions.

Applies to

Bizagi All versions

What you need to do?

To change the default Bizagi project’s structure, you need to include two keys: WorkingPath and IsLocally. The first key changes the drive letter of the project’s folder structure; the second is a Boolean value which indicates that the folder has an exact path when is set to true.

Both keys must be included in the configuration files in both Work Portal and Scheduler components. Follow the next steps to update your Bizagi project’s folder structure:

1. Locate the web.config (by default in C:\Bizagi\Projects\[Project_Name]\WebApplication) and the BizAgi.Scheduler.Services.exe.config (by default in C:\Bizagi\Projects\[Project_Name]\Scheduler) files and include the following key.

<add key = "WorkingPath" value = "[Path]" />

Where [Path] is the new location of the Bizagi project’s structure.



2. If you need to set a specific path for the new Bizagi project’s structure include in both files the following key in both files mentioned in step 1.
<add key = "IsLocally" value = "true" /> 

If you don’t include this key or set it to false, the Bizagi project’s structure is created in the drive letter of the value specified in Path.

3. Restart your server and the Scheduler.


If you did not include the IsLocally key or you set it to false or you don’t have write and read permissions in the specified path. The project structure is created in the drive letter of the value specified following this folder structure:

Otherwise, the structure ins created in the specified path: