A network-related or instance-specific error ocurred while establishing a connection to SQL server

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When opening a collaborative project in Bizagi it is possible that the SQL server does not have the TCP/IP protocol enabled. This article explains how to enable the TCP/IP protocol.

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Bizagi Studio All Versions


When opening a remote Bizagi Studio project the following message appears:


The database’s TCP/IP protocol is disabled.


To enable the TCP/IP protocol, follow these steps:

1. Run the SQL Server Configuration Manager.

2. Enable the TCP/IP protocol for your database connection by locating the specific database instanceunder the SQL Server Network Configuration), and right-click on this protocol to select Enable:

3. For the TCP/IP properties, it is recommended that the TCP port is explicitly defined (by default as 1433), so that dynamic ports are not used by the instance:

4. You may want to ensure that the SQL Server Browser service is in a started mode as well:


For remote connections, ensure you configure the Allow remote connections to this server property.

This property can be reviewed or activated through the SQL Server Management Studio, and in the database instance properties.
Under the Connections option, ensure that this property is marked:

Changing these settings may require restarting your database service.

The TCP/IP port configuration requires that there is no firewall rule or corporate security software blocking that port used for your database connection.


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