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Bizagi Studio supports authorization settings for features such as the one-click deployment.

Often, there is a large set of users working collaboratively in a Bizagi project, and at some point you may want to define which exact users are allowed to perform deployments in Bizagi Studio.

This is useful in order to make sure you are restricting certain important tasks that shouldn't be executed lightly, such as performing deployments, so these are only carried out by authorized or expert personnel.

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What you need to do?

Access rights for Bizagi Studio users, can be managed from the built-in Windows options to manage Users and Groups.

In such options, you may grant access to perform deployments in Bizagi (or deny it) to specific users. 

To edit access rights for Users and Groups, follow these steps:

1.    Go to the Control Panel.

Click on User Accounts > User Accounts.

2.    Click on Manage User Accounts.

In the User accounts window, switch to the Advanced tab.

3.    Go into the Advanced user management and click on the Advanced button.

4.    Go to Local Users and Groups and click on Groups.

5.    Search for the group named Bizagi and double click on it.

6.    Remove those listed users who shouldn't have access to Bizagi Studio and click OK.

Only users explicitly listed in the Bizagi group will be able to run deployments.


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