Active user is not able to change their password

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Most password secured systems have a limit date for the user to change their password, otherwise it expires. Bizagi Authentication has this feature and it is called Password Maximum Age.

It has a counterpart: Password Minimum Age which is designed to set the minimum time required for the password to be modified.

Applies to

Bizagi 10.x and 11.x


An active user tries to change their password and an error message is shown. The password does not change.


The user new password does not meet the administrator requirements. Among them is the rule Password Minimum Age; it does not allow users passwords too often.


The administrator should check and adjust the current settings related to user authentication, especially, the ones that affect password duration. For editing password preferences, please follow this procedure:

1. In Bizagi Studio, go to Expert View.

2. Click on Security and expand the Authentication Options.

4. Search for Password maximum age and Password minimum age parameters.

5. Modify both parameters as required and click on Update for each one.

For more information about password settings with Bizagi authentication, please refer to:


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