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When you update a project to the 11.2.5 version, end users might notice that the forms they regularly work on are behaving differently and these behaviors are unwanted.
After upgrading users will notice that some controls REFRESH but then previous Actions are lost.

These changes are related to Actions & Validations programmed in the forms, that control how attributes behave. With Actions in a form you can change the color, visibility, or editability of an attribute.
After an upgrade to 11.2.5 it is necessary to define how you want your forms to behave and adjust their configuration.

Applies to

  • Customers using version 11.2.3 or below, updated to 11.2.5
  • Customers using version 11.2.4 updated to 11.2.5

What you need to do?

First, identify if you have issues with Actions in forms.

Second, identify the version you are upgrading FROM.

For example, you upgraded from 11.2.3 and you have an action that changes a control's color. On the same form you have another action that REFRESHES the control used in the previous action:

Activity Actions

When you upgrade ,the behavior is the following: The first action is triggered:

Activity Actions 01

And when the second action is triggered and a refresh is executed, previous changes are lost:


Activity Actions 02


The changes in the behavior of Actions and Validations depend on the Bizagi version you had before the update. 

In 11.2.5 version Bizagi adjusted the way Actions are executed when multiple REFRESH are included. However, if you want to maintain the behavior of your old version, you can request so.

Below we explain how Actions & Validations behave in each version:

11.2.3 Behavior

Changes on properties applied to a control are lost after the Refresh is triggered.

11.2.4 Behavior

Actions that affect the properties of the control are RE-executed after the Refresh is triggered. This could result in looped actions.

11.2.5 Behavior

Behaviors work correctly, and changes of properties applied to a control ARE NOT lost after the refresh is triggered.


If you have changes in control's behavior and you want them to go back to how they were before the upgrade, you must request a ticket to Bizagi Support team requesting to activate the following key:


 This key can have the following values:

DEPRECATED-11.2.3: If you want to keep the behavior from version 11.2.3 or below.

DEPRECATED-11.2.4: If you want to keep the behavior of version 11.2.4.

11.2.5: If you want to change the behavior using the 11.2.5 fixes.

For example, if you want to keep the behavior of 11.2.5, the key must be set as follows:

bizagi.override.refreshActionBehavior = “11.2.5”


If you have the following key: bizagi.override.enableExecuteRefreshAction = false;

This has the same behavior as using: bizagi.override.refreshActionBehavior = “DEPRECATED-11.2.3”

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