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By default, when you create a table control in a form, the property Allow Add is enabled and Inline Add is disabled. Additionally there is no Add form defined by default. When the user does not change the default configuration and does not include an Add form, an error message is displayed.

Applies to

Bizagi 10.x


An error message is displayed when trying to save a form with a Table control included that has no changes in the default configuration.


When you have inserted a Table in the form, the property Allow Add is enabled and Inline Add is disabled. With this configuration Bizagi expects an Add Form to be able to add records. Bizagi does not include an Add Form by default. 


Think about your business need. If you require the table to allow adding records, think if you need an additional form for it, or if records can be added inline.

Once you have that figured out, change the table's configuration:

  • Associate an Add Formor
  • Enable the Inline Add property; or
  • Turn off the Allow add functionality.

To associate an Add Form click the Add Form property and select a form from the drop-down list, or create a new form:

To change the property Allow Add to false or the Inline Add property to true, go to the Advanced Tab and click on the desired property to change its value.

 Save and close the form.


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