Adding or changing a Network Adapter may corrupt your Licenses

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When you add or change a Network Adapter, Bizagi displays a licenses error. After these types of change it is necessary to reconfigure the license information.

License errors might also be displayed after changing the Server Name, or after deleting Bizagi information in the server.

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All versions.


When adding or changing a Network Adapter, Bizagi displays an error like the following:

  • Error 905 at the work portal.
  • License information is wrong in Bizagi Management Console.
  • You may see that your server lost its licenses. This license error could also be displayed after changing the Server Name, or after delete Bizagi information from the server.


Bizagi licenses are verified against the information recorded in our servers, and the license information is linked to the MAC address of the network adapter. Therefore, when changing or adding Network Adapters, the information of the new MAC address should be reconfigured.


  • If you did not change your main server information but you added or have multiple Network Adapters: review the IP address and the name of the adapter used to connect to the Internet, and set the priority connection for your server.
    In order to perform this action, follow this Microsoft guide
  • Follow the Bizagi procedure to move licenses to a new server (even if your server license information is lost). This procedure can be found in
    Move licenses to a new server 

If none of the methods above solved your issue, please contact our support team providing the following information of your Application Server: Server name, IP address, MAC address.


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