Allocation rules are not working for some users in development environment

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Bizagi has an option designed to enable users to perform process tests without logging out and logging in with each user involved in the process. When this option is enabled for the user who starts a case, allocation rules will not be executed. This applies for the development environment.

Applies to

Bizagi 10.x .NET


Allocations rules are not being executed in development or testing environment.


The user property Skip assignments on cases created by me is enabled in the users creating new cases.
If this is not the case, review that the users have the correct roles and skills defined in the allocation rule.


Disable the option Skip assignments on cases created by me for every user that creates cases, and also for every user that is involved in the process.
To do this, log into Bizagi Work portal with a user who has management permissions and locate the User management option in the Admin menu.
Search for the user and locate the property.
Refer to the following article for more information

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