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You can add a Case Link in your emails that will open the Work Portal directly to the case related. Sometimes, the link received by the end user is not properly configured and does not allow to open the case as expected.

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All versions.


When a user receives a notification via e-mail and clicks on the case link, the link does not open the case on the Work Portal.


This issue occurs when the CaseLink URL does not have the Server Name or the IP address of the server, therefore, the auto generated link is not accessible by ends users.


Follow the next steps to ensure the proper behavior of the case link sent in emails:

1. Open the web.config file, located at C:\Bizagi\Projects\[ProjectName]\WebApplication, using the text editor of your choice.

2. Within <AppSettings> section, add the following keys:

<add key="APP_NAME" value="[ApplicationName]" />
<add key="SERVER_NAME" value="[ServerName]" />
<add key="PROTOCOL" value="[Protocol]" />


  • [ApplicationName]: the name of your application.
  • [ServerName]: the name of your server where the application is hosted.
  • [Protocol]: set the protocol used by your server, either HTTPS or HTTP.

For example, if your server URL is, the keys will be:

<add key="APP_NAME" value="BpmBizagi" />
<add key="SERVER_NAME" value="" />
<add key="PROTOCOL" value="HTTPS" />

3. Repeat this procedure with the .config file located in the Scheduler Service Installation path (C:\Bizagi\Projects\[ProjectName]\Scheduler\).

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