Configure document templates for languages written from right to left.

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Through the document templates feature, Bizagi allows you to automatically generate Word, Excel or PDF documents with business information as contained in each case. For more information about this out-of-the-box feature, refer to

For languages which are written from right to left (e.g, Arabic), it is necessary to follow some recommendations when defining your base template so that you include Bizagi reserved keywords and tags appropriately.

Applies to

Bizagi Studio 10.x

What you need to do?

Languages using right-to-left orientation need to consider:

  • Templates must keep the [...] syntax using paired brackets to enclose words adequately. No un-closed "[" or "]" should remain within the content.
  • Review the saved template with your document editor before loading it into Bizagi for further configuration. For instance, you may use WordPad to check for this, or to create/update the template's content, especially if your installed Word is not properly interpreting such language characters or right-to-left orientation.
  • When working with collections in Bizagi (defining tables in your template), note that the [Foreach:...] and [End] tags, should match so that [Foreach:...] (reserved keyword) is found on the rightmost column and and [End] is found at the leftmost one. Note that although writing is set from right to left, "Foreach" and "End" as keywords are still written from left to right, as shown in the sample image below: 
  • When configuring the document template mapping, note that Bizagi Studio may display a preview which shows "[" or "]" in a wrong order. As long as your template is consistent and configuration can be mapped correctly, you may disregard such issue.
  • When configuring the document template mapping, note that Bizagi Studio may not display additional unicode languages with the appropriate fonts, however this will not be an issue in runtime when the document is generated, provided that the corresponding fonts are installed when viewing the information.  For example, the image below shows Arabic language characters not being displayed with Arabic fonts:
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