Could not assign value to Attribute [AttributeName] on external source

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In Bizagi is possible to connect your data model to external data sources using mechanisms called Virtualization or Replication. When entities are virtualized or replicated, their related entities must be virtualized or replicated too. If a user tries to populate a virtualized entity that has a relationship with a non-virtualized entity an error message will display. 

Applies to

Bizagi 10.x and 11.x .NET


When the user tries to populate a virtualized table in Bizagi Studio, an error is displayed. The error message looks like this:

Could not assign value to Attribute [AttributeName]..  On external source.


When a virtualized/replicated entity has a relationship with another entity in the data model, the related entity must also be virtualized/replicated.
For example, the entity City has a relationship with the entity State, if City is virtualized/replicated, State must also be Virtualized/Replicated.


Evaluate your business case to decide the best option for you.

  • If you need your entity to definitely be virtualized or replicated and you need that entity to be related to another one, then the other entity must also be virtualized or replicated.
  • If you do not need the virtualized/replicated entity related to the one that is not replicated or virtualized, then delete the relationships between them.

For more information about Virtualization and Replication refer to:


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