Deleting orphan Boolean expressions

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Bizagi creates hidden boolean expressions when they are configured from the fourth step of the process wizard, in the Define Expressions step. They are created hidden when the developer does not check the Is Reusable property.
When attributes are no longer needed and should be deleted Bizagi will review their dependencies. If there are dependencies with hidden expressions they will not be available for deletion.

This article shows how to delete orphan Boolean expressions that are part of an attribute’s dependencies.

Applies to

Bizagi 10.x and 11.x


Follow the next steps to delete your attribute associated Boolean expressions, if you know the expression name, go directly to step 5:
1. On the Expert view, get to the Entities option and select the entity attribute from which you look for deleting the expressions.

2. Right click on the attribute and select “View dependencies”.

3. Select the expression you wish to delete and click Edit.

4. Go to the Properties tab and copy the expression Display Name.

5. On the Search view, type the expression Display Name and click Search Now.

6. Once the search results are displayed, click Edit.

7. Check the Is Reusable property and click Finish.

8. On the search results, click on Go. This will take you back to the Expert View, where you can now see the expression you just marked as reusable.

9. Right click the Boolean expression and select Delete Boolean Expression.

10. Bizagi will ask you if you are sure you want to delete the expression, click yes.
You can verify that the attribute Boolean expression was deleted by checking its dependencies.




Bizagi may ask to give the Boolean expression a name after you marked as reusable. Name it and continue with the instructions.
It is possible to search for the expression by its Display Name or by its Name.


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