Cannot open the model, it was created with a newer version of Bizagi Modeler

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Bizagi allows you to import to Bizagi Studio, a model file (.bpm) created using Bizagi Modeler; nevertheless, the version of Bizagi Modeler embedded with Bizagi Studio may differ with the Bizagi Modeler version installed in your computer and generates an error.

Applies to

Bizagi Studio 10.5 or lower


When trying to import a .bpm file using the option Import Process in the First step of the wizard, Bizagi displays the following error:


This error is displayed when the version of Bizagi Modeler installed in your computer is higher than the version embedded with Bizagi Studio.


Whenever this error be presented, follow the instructions below:

1. Open your .bpm file (Model file) using your Desktop version of Bizagi Modeler.

2. Click on file tab and then, click on Save As

3. In the Save As submenu, click on Computer and then, click on Save.

4. The Save Model as window is displayed, in the Save as type combo box select the option Export to Diagram Model v1.6 (*.bpm). You can choose the same location than the original file in order to replace it.

5. Go to Bizagi Studio and try to import again the Model being careful to select the model recently modified.


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