Object cannot be cast from DB.Null to other types on creating a project

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When a user tries to create a JEE project, Bizagi displays an error message "Object cannot be cast from DB.Null to other types".
When the user retries the creation using the same project name, Bizagi displays a message stating that the project already exits. The project does not appear in the Projects option. 
If the project can some how be opened, the procedure on the solution has to be executed to avoid publishing failures.

Applies to

Bizagi Studio JEE 10.7 using SQL Server


When the user creates a JEE project, the creation process fails displaying the following error:

The project does not appear in the Projects option but when the user selects Open Existing Project, the project is found in the projects lists displayed and it can be opened.


The problem occurs when the TCP/IP protocol for the instance where your project is created, is Disabled.


Enable the TCP/IP protocol of your instance. Follow the procedure explained in this link https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh231672(v=sql.110).aspx in order to enable this protocol.

Once enabled, set the port 1433 for this protocol.

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