Oracle Weblogic Server port is already in use

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When setting up Weblogic to work with Bizagi, the Weblogic server startup fails.

Similarly, the startup of any application running on Weblogic will fail.

Applies to

Bizagi 10.x. JEE Using Oracle Weblogic


Either your Weblogic Server or any application running on Weblogic, will not start up and an " Oracle Weblogic Server port is already in use" error will be shown in the detailed information instead.


Weblogic cannot start its main service due to the fact that the port number it is configured for this purpose is already being used by another product or service (port conflict).


You will need to either change the port number used by your Weblogic instance, or the port number used by your other product/service using it.

To modify the port number for your Weblogic instance, follow these steps:

1. Open the Management Console, and locate Server configuration.

2. In General tab, change the values for Listen Port and SSL Listen Port if SSL Listen Port is enabled. Make sure that the ports to be used are free.

3. Restart the server to apply the changes


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