You cannot include/convert this Control. It doesn't have a Parent entity. To configure one set the Parent entity in the last step of the Attributes wizard.

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Cascading Combos present two or more combo boxes working in conjunction with each other, prompting end users with only relevant data. Once a value is selected from the first combo the second one will be automatically filled.

In the Forms designer, when a Cascading Combo is being configured and the chosen entity has no a parent entity, the following error is displayed.


Applies to

Bizagi 10.x


An error message is displayed when trying to use a control as a Cascading Combo. 


Cascading Combos are available for Parameter entities that have a parent entity configured. In the Forms Designer, when a Cascading Combo Control is added into the form, a parameter entity must be chosen and related in the Data Source. Bizagi evaluates if said entity has a parent entity configured.  If it doesn´t, Bizagi displays an error message warning about this. 


Make sure that the entity related to the control you are trying to associate/convert has a parent entity. If it doesn't, you can associate one by following the steps shown in


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