ERROR parsing project File: Content is not allowed in prolog

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When using the JEE console, running the createproject command will fail and throw an error prompting about inability when parsing the project file (The project file is not valid because content is not allowed in prolog).

Applies to

Bizagi JEE. All Versions.


Preparing the steps to publish your JEE processes to a test or production environment demands the use of the JEE console and its createproject command. However, its use yields an error when creating the project. Checking the console log for details shows no further detail (provided on the console.log file).


While no detail is provided, being unable to parse the project file indicates that it has corrupt information or special characters meddling with the expected format (e.g., special XML characters which are not escaped, or line breaks, or any other hidden characters).


Ensure that the base project file has no hidden characters. You may reconfigure the XML from scratch, starting off from the blank template, you may copy content into notepad first, or you may thoroughly review for hidden characters by relying on other tools (e.g., switching to different encoding options in the file if using notepad++ to detect hidden characters).

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