Enable assigning users to Stakeholders on production and test environments

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You can assign users to Stakeholders in batch by using a condition in the development environments. 
The current article explains how to activate the batch assignation of users to Stakeholders, in Test and Production environments. The procedure involves enabling a key.

Once the procedure is done, all users that match the condition set in Bizagi Studio will be automatically set to the Stakeholder definition. Thus, they will see a new menu called Me, and will gain access to all the options defined for the Stakeholder.

Applies to

Bizagi 11.1


Follow the next steps in order to enable assigning users to Stakeholders by condition:

1. Open the appsettings.xml  file (located in C:\ProgramData\Bizagi\Enterprise\BizagiMC) using the text editor of your choice.

2. Within the <AppSettings> section, add the following key:

<add key="MigrateUsersToStakeholder" value="true" />

3. Restart both the Scheduler and Web Server services and try again. This should change the behavior.

4. Open Bizagi Management Console and click the Migrate button.

Once you click on it, all users that match the conditions established in Bizagi Studio will be assigned to their corresponding Stakeholder in batch.


The conditions must be deployed in the environment where the key is enabled, to assure that the Migrate button works.


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