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Uploading files require configurations on Studio, Management Console and the IIS server. These guidelines show how to solve uploading problems related to the maximum size allowed, in order to prevent errors which might be displayed to the end user.

Applies to

Bizagi 10.x and above.


When a user tries to upload a large file, he/she will get the following message.


The maximum upload size in Bizagi Studio, Management Console or IIS Server is less than the file size to be uploaded.


In order to fix this issue, open Bizagi Studio or Management Console and edit the Upload Max File Size property located in the Advanced options in the Environment configuration. Set the value that you require according to your Business needs.

After the value is set, configure the upload size in the IIS.

Open the IIS Manager and click on the Default Web Site. Then, click on Request Filtering located in the IIS group.

Select Rules tab.

Click on Edit Feature Settings…

Set a value at least as the one previously defined in the Maximum allowed size (Bytes) property.

Restart your IIS Server and then test.


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