Errors that do not belong to the current expression are displayed on the compiler

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When editing an expression, the rules compiler displays multiple errors that do not belong to the expression being edited.

Applies to

Bizagi 10.x and 11.x


Multiple lines of errors are displayed by the compiler, on the bottom of an expression being edited. All the errors belong to other expressions, and not to the one under edition.


Bizagi displays in the compiler all the errors present in Library rules, because they are generic and apply to the entire project with no given context.

When Library Rules have errors or warnings, all other expressions will display them as if they were part of the current expression code.


If you want to hide the errors and warning messages of Library Rules shown by default, you can do so by enabling a key in Studio appsettings.

1.  Ensure you have closed Bizagi Studio.

2.  Edit the appSettings.xml file located at the default Bizagi Studio installation path.
By default this path is set as a hidden folder of the OS, and usually at: C:\ProgramData\Bizagi\Enterprise\BizagiStudio

3.  Make sure you set the following key DISABLED:  
<add key="IncludedLibraryRules" value="0" />

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