Form processing is taking way too long. IdForm: [FormGUID]

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Some forms in your Work Portal take a long of time to be displayed completely (rendered) and a warning message is created in the event log. Whenever you experience this situation, you have to change the design of your forms to improve performance by avoiding heavy loads.

Applies to

Bizagi 10.x and 11.x


End users experience slow loading in some forms and the events log displays messages like the following:

Form processing is taking way too long. IdForm: [FormGUID]


Although this is not an error message, this messages means that the time used by the form to be displayed is exceeding the maximum time to create a warning message and thus creates a log. Therefore, you should improve your form design. 


1. Identify the form displayed in the message executing the following query in the database of your project:

SELECT frmDisplayName, guidForm
WHERE guidForm = [FormGUID]

2. Consider the following recommendations and implement them in the form above in order to improve its performance:

  • Use tab containers: split the information displayed in the form in order including Tabs. Leave the most important information in the first tab. Controls used as history-information for end users (usually read-only controls) can be left in secondary tabs.
    Refer to for more information.
  • Use Form links: when your form has a lot of controls, use Form links to split them into groups. This is helpful for end users to identify those groups of information, improving the experience and performance.
    Refer to for more information.
  • Use paging and filters in Tables: avoid loading too many records in a Table (more than 50). You can page the table and include filters to display a smaller portion of the data, improving performance.
    Refer to Look for the Format tab > Row per page, for more information.
  • Use the Refresh Action to retrieve small contents of the form instead of doing full reloads with Submit on change. Refer to Refresh Actions for more information.

Refer to in order to implement the best practices in Form designing.

If after the implementation of the suggestions described above, and the best practices the form stills has slow performance, please contact our service support.


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