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Using Google Chrome web browser, In the Work Portal, when hovering the cursor over an activity in the Graph Query view, Pop-up windows displaying information about the activity are not being shown in Google Chrome. It might be caused by an extension in Chrome. One option is Grammarly Chrome extension.

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The Work Portal when using the Graphical Query and trying to display additional information about an activity in Google Chrome browser.


When the Graphical Query is enabled and hovering over a green or orange highlighted activity, a pop-up with additional information that should display is not shown.

It should normally look like the following image


This error is caused when working in Google Chrome and an extension, like Grammarly, is enabled and in operation.


As a workaround, disable all extensions one by one. If you have Grammarly you can start with that one. Then you can use the Work Portal normally.

1. Enter this URL on Google Chrome's search bar: chrome://extensions/

2. Locate Chrome Extensions.

3. Disable the extension by clicking on the switch. Make sure it turns to grey color and it is moved to the left.

After following the previous steps, you can continue using the Work Portal as usual and the pop-ups will correctly display. You might need to reload the page or restart your browser.


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