Disable database backup on Project updating

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When a Bizagi Project is updated to a newer version, one of the first tasks that the process does is to take a database backup.
It’s possible that the update cannot be completed due to not having enough space in the disk to take the database backup automatically. In those cases, it is necessary to disable the automatic backup that Bizagi tries to do and make the database backup by yourself.

Applies to

Bizagi Studio 10.x

What you need to do?

To disable the automatic backup process, follow the next steps:

1. Backup the hidden folder C:\ProgramData\Bizagi\Enterprise\

2. Open appsettings.xml file from the Operations Service located in C:\ProgramData\Bizagi\Enterprise\Bizagi.ServerOperationsService


3. Include the DisableDatabaseBackup key with value true in the file.
<add key="DisableDatabaseBackup" value="true" />

4. Restart the service and retry the update. If the process is successful, you can see that taking automatic backup was deactivated.

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