Unblock files in Windows

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In Windows, some files downloaded from Internet are marked as blocked in order to prevent that untrusted files may affect the system.

When our Support team sends fixes, those files need to be downloaded from our support site or from our secure file sharing site (bizagi.sharefile.com) and it is possible that those files are marked as blocked. 

How to identify if a file is blocked?
In order to identify if a file is blocked, you may select the file by right clicking on it and selecting properties; in General tab, you can see when the file is blocked as it is shown in the image below:

Applies to

Bizagi Studio 10.x

What you need to do?

If the downloaded fix file was marked as blocked by your operating system, when you unzip it, the zipped files within will be marked as blocked also.

There is not an option to unblock several files at the same time, so our recommendation is to unblock the zipped file before unzipping.

1. Download the zipped file (.zip or .rar) from Bizagi’s Support site or by the link sent from our secure file sharing site.

2. Unblock the file by using the option displayed in the previous image.

3. Unzip the files in the paths indicated by our support consultants.


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