Invalid case ID / Unexpected error

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The error message Invalid case ID or Unexpected error is displayed when Bizagi's session has been left open and then the user clicks on the Save button. This problem is solved from Bizagi JEE version 10.7.

Applies to

Bizagi JEE 10.6.1 or previous


The message "Invalid case ID or Unexpected error" is displayed when Bizagi's session has been left opened for more than 15 minutes and then the user clicks on the Save button.


The session timeout is longer than 15 minutes, and the objects stored in pagecache expire in this time period. The objects in the page cache are related with the case's information and Bizagi is not able to save the information, displaying one of the errors mentioned in the symptoms.


Configure the session timeout maximum for 15 minutes, by following the next steps:

1. Locate the distributable EAR file delivered by Bizagi for your server.

2. Open the file using a compressor utility as WinRAR, 7Zip, etc.

3. Locate the web.xml file in BizAgi-war.war\WEB-INF folder and open it using the text editor of your choice.

4. Locate the <session-config> section and change the <session-timeout> property to 15 minutes.

5. Save the file and deploy the modified EAR to your server.


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