Link control does not open files in server

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Some end users might get error messages or experience odd behavior when clicking a link control related to a file network server

Applies to

Bizagi 10.4 and above


When clicking in a link control in Bizagi Work Portal, you may experiment the following behavior:

  • The browser doesn't perform any action.
  • The browser adds the Server URL at the beginning of the file path, i.e: http://serverName/ProjectName/\\FilePath...\File.extension.
  • A new blank tab is opened.


Internal links depend on your browser security and your network configuration. 

Internet Explorer
For IE11 or greater. This file path is blocked when the path starts with an IP address instead of a Server Name.

By default, Google Chrome sets a security policy that blocks the access to a server from Web Applications.

Firefox (especially, version 34) adds the server URL before the configured file path.

Refer to't_work for more information.


Due to users' customization and/or company policies, there is not a solution to solve this problem. The next list has some workarounds that would let you open files stored  in network servers:

  • Review the accessibility of your file typing the URL set in the Link Control directly in your Browser in order to determine if any error is displayed.
  • Check the URL’s notation, some Browsers understands notations like \\\ (3 or 5 backslashes), File:\\, or file://
  • Create a virtual web server or use an Internet one (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) and use links with the following format http://[IP.ADDRESS][ServerName]/Path/File.extension.
  • If your file is in a local path, share the containing folder in network and try to access using the Server Name.


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